General Questions

You must be 18 years old with a valid government issued ID. We will photocopy your license as part of the record keeping regulations. We do not tattoo anyone under 18 even with parental permission (It’s a state law)

Yes it does. The needles will penetrate your skin and the pain depends on your tolerance and on what body part you will get tattooed. The pain is tolerable.

We are primarily an appointment only custom shop, so our hours vary. We normally start our days at 10am and prefer to be closed on Sundays.

Yes, but it may need to be converted into a tattoo design. Some styles of artwork do not work well as a tattoo.  We will work with you on your selection of the artwork and style.

Most of our work is custom drawn for each client so you won’t see a lot of flash on our walls. If you want something specific we can work with you to give you want we want, however we will not infringe upon other artist artwork copyrights or do a style that does not work with our individual style of tattooing.

Yes, we do many portraits of people as well as pets. A high quality professional photograph will work best. The better the photograph, the better the tattoo.

No, we only do tattoos.

This is kind of like asking “how much for a bag of groceries?” It depends what you get… We do estimate a tattoo cost based on the hours it will take to complete your tattoo. Our artist have varying hourly rates but currently range from 100-150 an hour. We can give rough estimates on cost but need to meet with you and go over design specifics to give you the most accurate quote.

We have a shop minimum of $100. That is to cover the set up time and use of all single use equipment involved in the tattoo process. Please see the artist bio page for more specifics on minimum requirements that may apply. 

Go to the artist bios section of this site and click on their contact link if available. Some of our artist close their books so they are not booking too far out. It’s always a good idea to follow your artist social media pages to get more information about availability and travel updates etc.

General questions can be sent through our contact form from this website. We usually answer questions within a week. We are a small shop doing custom design and do not have a full-time receptionist yet so please be patient if expecting a quick response.

Consultations are free and without perceived commitment. Consultations are not always needed. If you have a clear idea and preferably a good reference of what you are looking to get. We could discuss by phone or text if preferred. 

If you need a face to face consultation, we can book one in the calendar. Most consultations last 30 minutes, I occasionally will book 60 minutes for larger projects. 

You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation at the shop located at 34 Grafton street, in Millbury. You can also book an appointment to meet through zoom or FaceTime.

With any consultation, the more images you can show the better. Stylistic approaches, subject matter references, photos of other tattoos you want me to be inspired by are all helpful.

I can give you a firm quote at the end of a consultation. This way you can be comfortable knowing the cost of your tattoo before booking an appointment. I base my quotes on an hourly rate of 150 an hour. Samantha is 125, and Sarah 100.

Yes we do. They are for sale at the shop.

Tipping is greatly appreciated but not mandatory.

Sure, come down to the shop for a consultation. Old tattoos can be restored, reworked or covered up with a new design.  Laser treatment is an option for unwanted tattoos but it is very expensive and very painful.

We accept cash and most major credit cards.

Healing instructions page can be found here and you can be found on the Aftercare page.